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The TopDrawerSoccer Show: focus on the future with Top Drawer Soccer

Aug 30, 2017

Taylor Rockwell and Travis Clark welcome you to the seventh episode of The TopDrawerSoccer Show, publishing every Wednesday at 6 a.m. Eastern.

Up for discussion:

Gianluca Busio became the second youngest player in MLS history this week. Is he more likely to be the next big thing or the next Freddy Adu?

We also discuss the start of the start of the 11th season of the US Soccer Development Academy (as well as the inaugural campaign for girls clubs).

As promised by Travis, here's a link to the USDA map:

Our Prospect of the Week has been called the next next John Harkes... by Taylor Rockwell... in this episode.

Three big questions today from The TopDrawerSoccer Show digital mailbag:

For European teams/players is it better to go on loan or keep working through the academies?

What is the major cause of the drop-off in numbers between children's soccer and teen/high school soccer in the states?

Is teaching your kid to play full back the millennial equivalent of teaching them to throw left handed?

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[Theme music: "Acid Rain" by Atlantic Thrills]