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The TopDrawerSoccer Show: focus on the future with Top Drawer Soccer

Aug 16, 2017

Taylor Rockwell and Travis "No Known Middle Name" Clark welcome you to the fifth episode of The TopDrawerSoccer Show, publishing every Wednesday at 6 a.m. Eastern.

Up for discussion:

It's college soccer time! With more and more youngsters turning pro, what is the current "state of the union" of college soccer and what does the future hold? Which teams and players are poised for success in the coming season? How do dynasties get established? All that and more!

We have but two Prospects of the Week on today's show! One each from the men's and women's sides of college soccer.

Questions from the digital mailbag:

What can we do to develop late bloomers, who might otherwise miss out on necessary opportunities?

What is the one thing Travus would change about the college game if he could?

What to expect from Penn State, Florida State, and UVA this season?

And finally, as mentioned in the introduction, Will Parchman is leaving sports writing. Here are some of his parting thoughts:

But don't despair! Will and Daryl will be back next week for Khaleesi's final show!